About Us

Chinese Dragon Café – 80 Years of Culinary Excellence

Dragon Heritage

The Dragon story dates back to 1942, when a family of Chinese immigrants made their way to our island ‘Ceylon’ after days at sea. The new island with the spice-strong cuisine welcomed them with open arms, but these settlers who craved their comfort food from home, found the island flavours interesting, yet lacking in the tastes and textures their hearts craved for. Driven by their entrepreneurial spirit, these settlers found the perfect marriage between the local island cuisine and their authentic palate, cooking up a storm that was soon in demand by locals and other settlers alike.


While the Battle of Ceylon raged on, a battle in the kitchen ensued in a humble space in the old Commercial Building down Galle Road; the outcome of which is known as Chinese Dragon Café today. The Café grew and stood salient through the years whilst history unfolded in Sri Lanka. Through the battles and independence, through wars and pandemics, Chinese Dragon Café has been a staple in Sri Lankan food culture; and is today the oldest and most respected restaurant chain in the country.

 Having innovated the Sri Lankan-Chinese flavour palate aka ‘ශ්‍රි Chi’, and being among the firsts of fusion cuisine in Sri Lanka, the restaurant chain has become synonymous with its Hot Butter Cuttlefish and taste that has remained same over the years.

Chinese Dragon Café has best in class management and technological foundation that has helped us become the leader in food delivery in Sri Lanka. All areas of operations have been regulated and monitored by these systems enabling us to be faster, better and cost efficient in every aspect. This technological background paired with 80 years of culinary excellence and operational know how has Chinese Dragon Café operating in a blue ocean environment within our specialty.

Dragon Mission


To be the Premier Chinese Food Restaurant in Sri Lanka with the Fastest Service, Professional and Friendliest staff, Best-in-class Hygiene & Practices serving high Quality Chinese food with a truly Sri Lankan heritage.

Dragon Vision

Our vision is simple, We want to be an active partaker in livelihood upliftment and reduction of poverty and hunger in Sri Lanka, by feeding the masses and providing employment.

Dragon Values

  • Provide service with heart
  • Maintain enhanced hygienic practices
  • Stand out wherever we go
  • Be lean in all practices
  • Sales oriented work force


Dragon Culture Statement


In the business of people, Chinese Dragon Café has established a discipline and process-based eco system, to honour the trust and value placed on the company. Quality of food and our service levels will always be discipline and process-based to ensure we get it right every time.

Tag Line

“Meal to Remember”